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Formed early this year PPG is a group of mainly parishioners who report directly to Priddy Parish Council.  We have been formed to conduct an appraisal and update of the current Priddy Parish Plan. 

We are grateful to Paul Bryan the Mendip Hills AONB Planning Liaison Officer who also is part of our group and for his expert guidance and experience.

If you haven’t seen our current Parish Plan/Village Design Statement please speak to the Parish Clerk – copies are still available.

This document was compiled based on an intensive period of fact finding, research and consultation with residents and village organisations during the early 2000’s.

The recently passed Localism Act aims to make the National Planning System less complex, bureaucratic and give local people more influence on planning matters “a way for communities to decide the future of places where they live and work”.

Priddy Planning Group has trawled the paperwork and options available and have proposed to the Parish Council that we:

Work towards updating the existing Parish Plan/Village Design Statement; and

Carry out a Conservation Area Appraisal.

We want everyone to get involved.

You can do this by letting us know:

What you love about our Parish – send us notes!

What you want to protect – send us photos!

What you don’t want to see – send us examples!

What would you like to see – send us phots!

All of your thoughts and views are important.  We will be organising open days, discussion events to gather facts and opinions to help shape the new document.  Please take some time to visit our small presentation which will be on display at Priddy History Group’s Weekend on 26th – 28th September in the Village Hall.  Alternatively email the Parish Clerk, Alan Butcher at 

A selection of photographs for the project can be viewed here -  Planning group photographs