Priddy Parish Council

The next Parish Council Meeting is on 1st April 2015, 7.30pm at Priddy Village Hall, Priddy. The agenda is now on the  
Parish Council Meeting Minutes, Agenda and other Information page. 

The next PARC Committee meeting is on 15th April 2015, 7.30pm at The Hunters Lodge Inn, Priddy. 
All are invited to this annual clean up event!!


Priddy is a large Parish situated high on the Mendip Hills above Wells in Somerset. Wholly within the Mendip Hills AONB, the parish stretches from Burrington Coombe in the west, Pen Hill in the east and from Harptree in the north to the Mendip escarpment in the south.

The population live in a number of scattered settlements including Eastwater, Nordach, Charterhouse and Yoxter with the greater number of people living in and around Priddy with it's historic village greens and hurdle stack.
Priddy School, St Laurences Church and the Village Hall are located next to the upper village green and the village and surrounding countryside is popular with walkers, cyclists, horse riders and cavers visiting nearby Swildons Hole, one of the largest cave systems in the south west. A plaque showing the underground passages in relation to the village can be found at one end of the lower village green.
Priddy is famous for the annual Sheep Fair which has been held on the village green since 1348 when it reputedly moved up from Wells because of the black death. The fair takes place annually on the Wednesday nearest the 21st August. More recently Priddy Folk Festival which takes place in July has become a popular attraction.
The Parish Council formed in 1970 from the Parish Committee has seven members and a part time clerk. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday in the month at the village hall.
Parish Council information including agenda and minutes are available to download from the  Parish Council Meetings page. The meeting calendar can be found on the  Meetings Calendar page.
The Parish Council has two main committees, the Parish Amenities, Recreation and Countryside Committee which deals with the maintenance and protection of the village greens and issues connected with roads, highways and by-ways, common land, public access land and the like. The Sheep Fair Committee which organises and runs the annual sheep fair and information about the fair committee can be found on the  Sheep Fair Committee page along with the results of the recent referendum. 

The Parish Council audited Annual Return for the year ending 31st March 2014 can now be viewed on the Annual Return and Accounts 2013/14 page.

The latest Parish Council newsletter with details of upcoming consultation events can be viewed HERE

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As well as the General Election on 7th May, there will be an election for your new Parish Council. Information about the forthcoming election can be viewed on the News & Events page.
Bookings for Priddy Village Hall are now handled by Chris Dyke - see Priddy Village Hall page for details.
Police advice - keep an eye on your oil storage tanks.
PARKING ON PARISH ROADS - Drivers are reminded that the Highway Code sections 239, 248 and 249 give details of on road parking. You should not park facing on-coming vehicles during daylight hours unless in a recognised parking bay and you must not park facing on-coming vehicles at night when you should also show parking lights on roads with a speed limit of more than 30mph (in other words all parish roads) 

Group Oil Buying - see the News & Events page for details on how to join the scheme.

Refuse and Recycling Collections - SWP needs all bins and boxes to be at the kerbside at 7am on the morning of collection - no later. Further details can be read here: Out by7am.pdf. Details of bank holiday collections can be found on the News & Events page.. 

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